Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ten Areas to Improve to become a Super Power for India

  • Religious extremism: Long term trends indicate that liberals and moderates in every religious community in India are on the defensive.
  • Left wing extremism: Extremism in the form of the Naxalite movement, which is a result of geographical reasons and also social and political forces, owing to the continued dispossession and deprivation of tribal people in India
  • Corruption: The corruption and corrosion of the power center in India, as a result of political parties functioning as family firms rather than open, transparent political systems.
  • Decline of public institutions: This includes universities, police, civil services, the judiciary (except for higher judiciary) etc.
  • Rich-poor divide: The increasing gap between the rich and the poor which is particularly manifested through farmer suicides in India, a phenomenon that has become pervasive only in the last 10-15 years, perhaps because there is now the expectation of a 'good life' that did not exist before.
  • Environmental degradation: The degradation at a local level, which is impacting people's lives in very real ways, whether in the form of massive depletion of underground aquifers, chemical contamination of soil, death of rivers, loss of species etc.
  • Apathy of the media: Apathy in covering issues of rising income inequality, environmental degradation.
  • Dynastic Politics : Politics not based on performance ,but on Family relationships , Loyalty pushing the urgent areas to improved like Literacy, Health, Development issues to backburner
  • Border disputes: India's unresolved border disputes, especially in Kashmir and the North East (Arunachal) which indicates that there are parts of India that are not comfortable with being part of India.
  • Unstable neighbourhood: India's increasingly unstable neighbourhood is another serious impediment to our superpower ambitions.