Wednesday, January 7, 2009

National Security Registry

After Every attack we see lot of blaming of each other between the state and Central government Agencies regarding Intelligence Failure , how the Intelligence was given by central agencies and how it was vague and not actionable by state agencies. Let us see how Agencies operate before going into solutions. Structure is as follows

Central Government
National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS)

Intelligence Bureau(IB) Research and Analysis Wing(RAW)

Military Intelligence
Directorate General of Military Intelligence (DGMI)

Defence Intelligence Agency (Co-ordinator of Intelligence from Below below)

Army Intelligence Airforce Intelligence Naval Intelligence

Intelligence Units of Central Security forces
  • Central Reserve police force (CRPF)
  • Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Special Protection Force (SPG)
  • Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
  • National Security Guard (NSG)

State Police Security Units
  • Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  • Special Branch or the Crime Branch

  • If you thought you had enough number of Security Agencies , there are more to coordinate National Technical Research Organization (NTRO)
  • cyber intelligence and cyber counter-intelligence

To co-ordinate between Central and state level intelligence
  • Multi-Agency Centre (MAC)
  • Joint Task Force on intelligence
state level co-ordination
  • State Multiagency centre (SMAC)
So , why so many agencies and not much action. The Main problem is Information sharing. The agencies play only lip service to information sharing. So everytime some incident happens there is so much blame game. So How do make these persons in the Intelligence units share information. Let us analyse the options. Let us leave the Military Intelligence as the structure is good and with DIA seems to be working fine. There are few points to be noted
  • We still operate in British time mentality
  • The Local Law enforcing people or police is the main source of gathering intelligence and also enforcing the law. (foot soldier)
  • Co-ordination is missing between the units even though there are co-ordinating agencies Intelligence for one agency may not be a Intelligence for another agency.
So how do you solve the problems. We need to move away from British time intelligence operation to modern one. We need to provide access to intelligence to all necessary units, especially to point of law enforcement that is police. We need to provide relevant intelligence to the particular unit. National Security Registry.

The Answer is a National security registry or crime register , which contain all the crime data on all the crimes commited in India. This registry should be searcheable to all the security personal. Sensitive information if any can be restricted to higher ups. You might say already that is available MAC and NTRO. MAC is anything but operational, while NTRO has become another Intellgence agency. We need to computerise the crime data and provide computers in each police station to provide access to the intelligence data. Later on any new intelligent communicating device comes in aid of policeman, it can lead to the data link to his/her hand. In short cut Redtape on intellgence sharing. The each citizens can be given a security number and this number will make the indexing easy.
This will help
  • Bring all the crime data to actionable intelligence.
  • Break the Hierarchy in information sharing.
  • Make every policeman , Intelligent policeman
  • solve Inter-state crimes
  • Help law enforcement officials to make watertight cases.
  • Increase Conviction.