Monday, October 15, 2007

Faith is Pure, Religion is corrupt

Faith is Pure
Religion is corrupt

Faith is what you have as a individual, Pure love , pure admiration, pure devotion between you and God. There is no middleman and Nothing else is required. It is like a uncorrupted love between mother and child. Faith makes good individuals, Good with themselves, Family and Society. Faith is sprang out of love and good things.


Religion is a institution. It is eloborate set of institutions, Authority , Procedures, Rules , Dogmas and people. These institution is good when it is established, but over the period of time gets corrupted like any other institution. corrpution is greater in this institution because the so called checks are based on goodness of the individuals running the institutions, so there is no real checkpoints. So the corruption fluourishes ,there is no religion that has escaped corruption. So after the initial euphoria the people and institutions that were created to serve god and people , end up running them, inshort they become god.


What happens when this continues and becomes impossible to reform.
1.New religion arises which gets the charm lost in the old religion.
2.Other institution like State , Judiciary , Business(industries) and others take greater role.
3.Other religions or faith invades the space and occupies it.
4.The society starts serving the religion rather than the other way round. Inshort the decay of society.
5.Revolution , people tear down the tyrannical religion and set up new form.
6.Anti religion movements sweep the religious institutions and faith struggles to survive.